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Xing Yi Chuan

Xing Yi Chuan, also known as Hsing Yi, means roughly "form intention boxing" and is the lesser known of the three classic internal arts. 


Originating in the most widely practiced are from the Heibei region, our tradition is from the lineage of Li Cun Yi, which is clear, powerful and relaxed with no empty motions.  The methods are designed to strengthen the body and develop the ability to express force dynamically.


The basic practices of Xing Yi are formed around the concept of the five elements (Wu Xing) and focus on developing and expressing force directly through clear lines.  Once clear in static positions, the elements are worked with classic Xing Yi stepping and combined together to to relax them further and make them more natural.


For those interested, the fighting aspects are expressed further in the animal forms which combine and apply the qualities of the five elements to a multitude of usable motions.  Combining solo practices with the two person work allows the the evolution into a highly practical system of combat.



Xing Yi Chuan Li Cun Yi Gloucester
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