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Tai Chi Chuan

The most famous of the Taoist martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, also know as Taiji or Taijiquan, was popularised in the early 20th century and is known throughout the world for it's health benefits. 


Recent studies have reinforced the experience of generations of practitioners, with positive outcomes indicated for improved balance and fall prevention, heart disease, stroke recovery, improved bone density and Parkinson's disease - Harvard Medical School


We practice an original Yang style Tai Chi and the family Tai Chi of General Li.  Passed down as an oral tradition through a clan structure, our style originates from Yang Jian Hou (1837-1917), the third son of Yang Lu Chan, the originator of the Yang style who also transmitted an alternate version to the Manchu emperors who had forced him to teach them his famous art.


This older style is typified by many Neigong, internal exercises, from which the health benefits stem, with the form commonly seen immediately in other schools, being held back until much later in the students evolution.

Yang Tai Chi Gloucester
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