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Martyn Reeves Da Xuan Gloucester

My name is Martyn Reeves and I am an instructor of Ba Men Daxuan, the living Taoist Tradition of Dr Serge Augier.


I was very lucky to have met Serge Augier in 2007 and to have been accepted as a personal student of the Da Xuan Tradition.  I am engaged in a daily personal practice, the focus of our Tradition, and visit Serge regularly to further my studies and understanding.


I offer opportunities to study both by personal tuition and in small classes in Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham (see classes for more details)


I teach the core methods of the Da Xuan system, Waigong - physical cultivation, Neidan - energetic cultivation and Shengong - mental cultivation.  Through these key practices we can interact with and improve the famous three treasures of Taoism, Jing, Qi and Shen.

Martyn Reeves Bagua Xing Yi Tai Chi
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