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Local Classes

We offer regular local classes with a focus on developing greater health and well-being through a series of simple Tai Chi and Qigong practices. 


Suitable for people of all ages and abilities, lessons are tailored to the individual needs of students in a relaxed, friendly environment.


Book an appointment now for your free introductory session, no experience required!

Stroud - Cashes Green Community Centre


Thursday Evening Class - 19.30-20.30


Queens Drive

Cashes Green




Pay As You Go - £6.50 per session

8 Week Training Pass - £40.00 (£5 per session)

Personal Tuition

Personal tuition is available for private students looking to enter into a serious study of the Da Xuan tradition.  Private students should be prepared to enter into a daily personal practice, the real focus of the Da Xuan school.


Through a commitment to practice, personal students are able to access the full syllabus of the Da Xuan tradition, including the martial aspects of the Taiji, Bagua and Xing Yi.  Furthermore, by committing to the school, it is possible to gain access to academic courses directly from the lineage holder and inheritor of our tradition, Serge Augier.


Serious students looking to invest themselves in practice should contact us to discuss the requirements for study.

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