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Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang, or Pakua Chang, is often named the art of the circle after it's primary practice of circle walking,


The Bagua of our school is transmitted from Zhang Zhao Dong, a master of Hebei Xing Yi, who through his evolution to Bagua Zhang practice applied the explosive force (fajin) of his Xing Yi to Bagua.  Famous in the West through the 'main' line of Zhang Zhao Dong's transmission, our lineage is far closer to the original content and methods of this highly respected system.


Core exercises for the body work the connection of the system, the physical strength and the coordination.  Then comes the work of the stepping in the classic circle walking exercises with precise weight transfers, eight palm changes and mother palms and their applications.


The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba or O'Sensei, was seemingly influenced by the movements of Bagua, possibly picked up during time spent in China during several trips during his life.  The common motions seen in the arts certainly point towards an influence of this original Taoist practice on the formulation of the Japanese Budo art of Aikido.

Zhang Zhao Dong Bagua Gloucester
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