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Invest In Yourself Daily

From the time that we are born to our mid twenties, we develop naturally every day.

Physically, mentally and emotionally we grow and develop, learning about ourselves and testing the world at every stage.

But when we hit our mid twenties most of us slow down this personal evolution. We have been through education on all levels, we are at peak physical function, we have defined ourselves socially and aligned ourselves with values we believe in and with social groups who share those values.

We turn our attention to the external, involving ourselves in the mundane world. We work, we have children, everything focuses away from ourself and onto the things around us.

When we reach our mid-forties most of us have spent two decades treading water, trapped in the structures and routines we have built for ourselves.

It's here that we can see a moment of panic, the classic "mid-life" crisis. Triggered when we touch on the void we have created within ourselves. We recognise the time wasted, the limit of the time we have ahead and, whether consciously or not, the reality of our lack of development.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

The Taoist practices give us the opportunity to drive a tangible and continuous personal evolution in our lives. With the methods and map of the tradition and a teacher to guide you, all you need to dedicate is time to enable let the truth of the practices reveal themselves.

Work a little every day, without an aim other than to invest yourself in the practice, and ensure that not a moment of your precious life is wasted, lost in the mundane world.

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